Kendall Jenner flips off the camera and goes braless as star works on next major project in new photos

KENDALL Jenner showed the middle finger to the camera while working on a modeling campaign in New York City.

The Hulu star was photographed rocking a series of stylish looks as she worked.

Kendall Jenner was spotted working on her latest business move in New YorkCredit: Rex
The star modeled chic outfits and, at one point, gave onlookers quite a showCredit: Getty
She flashed a middle finger as she strutted her stuffCredit: The Mega Agency

Kendall, 27, was seen with a camera crew in tow as she worked on a fashion campaign in the Big Apple.

She gave several large duster coasts over chic monochromatic outfits, a black pantsuit, a sleek black shift dress, and black capri pants with a matching T-shirt.

The reality star was not wearing a bra under the shirt and her nipples were visible at times.

In the final outfit, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum was seen holding up her hand and doing a middle finger while strutting her stuff.

She kept a straight face as she did it, though it was not clear if the crude gesture was part of the shoot or her way of giving onlookers a piece of her mind.

In other photos, the former Victoria’s Secret model was seen smiling, suggesting she was in good spirits.

Photos from the shoot were shared on Reddit, where commentators wondered why and at whom Kendall might be making a middle finger.

“Now who got Kendall f**ked up,” one comment joked.

Another person ignored her gesture and focused instead on her appearance, writing: “I love her smile so much!”


Kendall’s appearance is a hot topic among social media users.

She isn’t afraid to get glammed up but occasionally shows off her natural skin.

The Kardashians star showed off a close-up of her face, including pimples, in a candid photo from Paris where she was for Fashion Week.

In the photo, Kendall was seen backstage before closing out the star-studded Le Défilé L’Oréal Paris – Walk Your Worth show on October 1.

The star looked in the mirror in a busy room, revealing her flawless and natural-looking makeup.

Kendall had her hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail and wore small silver hoop earrings with a charcoal gray suit.

Her skin texture could be seen in the photos with blemishes, pores, and flaws left unedited.

A fan posted the photo on an online thread, confessing: “Something about her in this pic looks off but I just can’t figure out what it is,” leading others to chime in about her appearance.

Another commenter replied: “What is off in this pic is there isn’t a filter. Wrinkles on her neck, pores, and freckles showing, light pimples. Nothing bad, she just looks like the rest of us.

“But we are so used to seeing her filtered, that to see the imperfections is almost making her unrecognizable. THAT is what is off.”

A second person wrote: “Her skin texture and its visibility is fine, no snark for that. But it looks dreadful on top of the fillers and the creeping-in ‘smelling a fart’ face. Also her eyes look so pulled back, it looks so unnatural and like it would be painful.”


Kendall had plenty of glam moments during Paris Fashion Week, however.

She stepped out in a pantsuit look as she walked in Victoria Beckham’s 2024 Spring/Summer womenswear fashion show.

The TV personality went without a shirt or a bra in the stylish ensemble.

Her black blazer featured white piping details on the pockets.

Kendall wore black pants, but they were sheer from the thigh down to the ankle.

She carried a cream-white purse and wore unique black sunglasses on her face.

Her hair was slicked back and away from her face and her makeup with minimal.

Fans were left split on whether the gesture was part of the shoot or notCredit: Rex
Kendall has been showing off some seriously glam looksCredit: Rex
Amid the stylish displays, she showed off her natural skin texture as wellCredit: Rex

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