Kendall Jenner has a “wellness room” with appliances that cost more than R$ 500,000 – Vogue

See what's in Kendall Jenner's wellness room (Photo: @kendalljenner)

See what’s in Kendall Jenner’s wellness room (Photo: @kendalljenner)

Forget the catwalk or the movie set. Kendall Jenner’s favorite place is the “wellness room” she has in her house. In addition to posting videos on Instagram playing Tibetan bowls (they vibrate generating sounds that affect the body’s cells, helping to de-stress, concentrate, improve sleep…) and extolling the benefits of writing in her diary, the model also showed her wellness side by open the doors of her wellness room during an episode of her family’s new reality show, the The Kardashians.

“I made the bedroom with all these crazy gadgets and gadgets,” says Kendall, while showing off her unique temple of wellness to the cameras. In the aired scenes, she is seen stepping into her own hyperbaric chamber – the Vitaeris 320, which sells for around $23,000 (£118,000!) – a treat loved by athletes.

Often found in clinics rather than homes, these chambers deliver pure oxygen at an air pressure level of 1.5 to three times the average. This results in faster recovery (in the case of physical wear and tear of high-performance athletes), promotes improved immunity, helps in the formation of new skin cells and collagen production.

There is still not much scientific evidence to support its effectiveness, although a recent study found that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an effective method for increasing blood and tissue oxygen levels and may be a promising therapeutic treatment for treating inflammatory conditions and wounds. Justin Bieber, Cristiano Ronaldo and Rio Ferdinand also have a camera to call their own.

And Kendall’s private spa doesn’t stop there! A self-declared hypochondriac, she also has her own bed of red light therapy at home, which costs around $78,000, and promises to reduce inflammation, improve health, improve cell circulation, and help the body. to heal. You may have already had some red light treatment on your face via an LED mask, but this is a turbo bed that you actually lie on, for powerful, large-area results.

As nothing in the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s routine is simple or basic, it was really surprising that the wellness mood Kendall’s would be just Tibetan bowls and diaries…. The model’s dream wellness room is more like a 5-star spa – with all the dollar signs that such an establishment costs.

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