Kendall Jenner has created her own perfume! How do they smell? This may be controversial

On March 25, the perfume created by Kendall Jenner for KKW Fragrance will be available for sale. The top model was inspired to create 3 new fragrances by … horse riding.

Kendall Jenner created the fragrance for KKW Fragrance! 3 new fragrances will be available for sale

Kendall Jenner followed in the footsteps of Kourtney, Kylie and Khloe (as well as her mum Kris) and has just created a perfume for KKW Fragrance, a perfume brand owned by her eldest sister, Kim Kardashian West. On sale – in the brand’s online store – they will appear soon, on March 25, 2021, and we can expect as many as 3 new fragrances. What kind? Well, it can be controversial, because Kendall Jenner decided to look for inspiration in nature, as well as in her favorite sport – horse riding.

Does it mean that Kendall perfumes will smell like hay, horse hair and … you know what? (who has been to the stable at least once knows perfectly well what aromas are best felt)? Not exactly, though it would undoubtedly be intriguing. A representative of the Kardashian-Jenner clan simply decided on fragrance notes that can be found in the bosom of nature: floral, woody or fruity. What specifically? We no longer keep you in suspense.

What do Kendall Jenner perfumes look and smell like?

The perfumes created by Kendall are called: Amber, Olive, Blue Roan and – respectively – they are amber, olive green and dark blue, which is clearly visible, because the top model closed them in transparent bottles with an unpretentious, minimalist design (this is a variety in the KKW Fragrance offer, famous for its fancy mouth, heart and even female bottles. body).

“Kim and I created them with the most beautiful aromas I have ever smelled,” said Kendall, adding that they are worth reaching for if you want to feel like a princess from a fairy tale about nature.

Amber is a combination of citrus top notes with pink pepper, ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine and tonka bean. Olive is a composition based on rose water with the addition of bergamot, rose, freesia, jasmine, and more intense ones: patchouli, vetiver and amber. On the other hand Blue Roan is a surprising blend of sea notes with peach, supplemented with geranium, ylang-ylang, pear, amber, musk and vanilla. They will all cost the same, which is $ 40.

“These fragrances are completely different to anything we’ve done so far at KKW Fragrance. Kendall likes completely different music than I do. These fragrances are rich and luxurious. Anyone who tries them will become addicted to them ” – Kim Kardashian assured on her Instagram, announcing the perfume by her younger sister. Did she encourage you? We are looking forward to it, the more so the premiere of the fragrances is accompanied by a beautiful photo session, the stars of which are no less than Kim and Kendall … horses. Take a look at our gallery and see for yourself.

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