Kendall Jenner has revealed that her niece Stormi has a crush on her boyfriend

Kendall Jenner

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Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner has revealed that her niece Stormi has a crush on her boyfriend

The Kardashian Cam star said her three-year-old niece, whose mother is her sister Kylie Jenner, has an “amazing relationship” with her partner Devon Booker, who is a basketball player at Phoenix Suns.

On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she joked: “[Devon i Stormi] they have an amazing relationship. She is infatuated with him and I am jealous sometimes. I say, “Come on, can you stop?”

Kendall (25) and Devon (24) started dating this year. Kendall once confessed that she is trying to be a “cool” aunt for her nephews and nephews.

She said, “I want to be cool and liked. There are 18 and it will be 20 soon, so that’s a good number, but it’s fun. We are having a lot of fun. ”

Recently, Kendall’s sister, Kylie (24), announced that she is expecting a second child.

The reality show star shared the happy news on Instagram by posting a video where we see her daughter Stormi handing her grandmother Kris Jenner (65) an envelope with ultrasound pictures.

Kendall confessed that she found out about her sister’s pregnancy in a similar way.

She said: “[Kylie] she called me on video, picked up the phone and saw a little ultrasound picture and thought to myself, “Oh my God!”

Nevertheless, the information about the pregnancy did not come as a surprise to Kendall, as she confessed that she expected such news.

She admitted: “I wasn’t surprised. I felt it was going to happen one day, but I was excited. I’m very excited.”

Kendall’s mom Kris is also delighted with the news and this week confessed: “I’m really excited. Number 11, that’s wonderful! “

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