Kendall Jenner makes fans complex! She showed her perfect belly again

Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner
Author: Jackson Lee / Splash News / EAST NEWS

Kendall Jenner, as befits a model, has absolutely no problems with showing her body. Her Instagram profile is a real treat for fans. It is true that recently, when Kendall took part in a session for SKIMS, Internet users flooded her with accusations that she had improved her figure in Photoshop. Now, however, there is no question of any corrections. The photo from instastory is impressive!

Kendall Jenner has recently fallen victim to haters who accused her of excessively correcting her figure in Photoshop. Kendall together with Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner posed for SKIMS. On one, the photo of the model turned out to be very slim, so the Internet users attacked, claiming that she had certainly improved her figure.

Jennerka did not care too much about the accusations because soon after she was giving internet users hot photos again. The model knows that the fans are delighted with her figure and flat belly, which is why she likes to boast about her perfect figure.

Kendall Jenner poses at Devin Booker’s house

A selfie appeared on Kendall’s Instagram report, in which the model poses in green sweatpants and a short black top. In the background, you can see Devin Booker’s wardrobe and a collection of several pairs of his shoes.

I don’t just wear @skims and @cherrylosangeles

– the inscription next to the photo sounded.

Kendall Jenner taps in a red bikini and cowboy boots. Devin Booker woke in …

Considering this is a photo on instagram stories, we suspect that no editors were in motion. Although with this family you never know… xD

Kendall Jenner

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