Kendall Jenner on a date with Bieber and … a friend. Where’s Devin Booker ?!

Kendall Jenner could give the other sisters privacy tutoring. We know very little about her relationships. The newest boyfriend of a celebrity is Devin Booker. But are you sure!? Photographers captured Kendall Jenner on a double date with Hailey and Justin Bieber. However, instead of the boyfriend, she was accompanied by her friend – Travis Bennett.

Kendall Jenner values ​​the privacy of the entire clan the most. It even became the subject of a joke in one of the sketches of an episode of SNL hosted by Kim Kardashian. Kris Jenner sued his daughter for disgracing the name with not enough drama.

Although it’s just a sketch, it has a lot of truth to it. In fact, Kendall Jenner protects her private life. Don’t even look for photos with her boyfriend or love confessions on her Instagram!

Are you sure Devin Booker is still with Kendall Jenner?


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Kendall Jenner on a double date with the Biebers

The fact that the Bieber and Kendall Jenner went to the game is not surprising. Hailey Bieber has been friends with her for a long time. And although Justin Bieber turned out not to be particularly fond of the model a few years ago, apparently he is willing to make some sacrifices in this matter.

In the photos taken by the photographers, we see that next to Kendall Jenner is sitting not Devin Booker, but … Travis Taco Bennett! This is a longtime friend of a celebrity with whom she dated for a while in 2013. Could he take Booker’s place ?!

We reassure the fans of this couple. The basketball player was on the pitch and Kendall Jenner invited her friends to cheer together!

Kendall actively cheered on Devin and the Phoenix Suns during the explosive game. After the last throw, Devin turned straight to Kendall and she had a big smile on her face!

Source E reported! News.

Kendall Jenner is jealous of Devin Booker. He is in competition with … the daughter of Kylie Jenner

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