Kendall Jenner revealed her beloved belly. Do you want a similar one? Train with the ball! Just Five Minutes A Day Myfitness Gossip

Not so long ago, InstaStories Kendall Jenner showed a photo in a workout outfit that revealed the model’s trained belly. A celebrity knows exactly how to take care of the muscles located in this part of the body. In the exercises he performs, it is not time that counts, but accuracy and regularity of their performance. It turns out that five minutes a day is enough to see the difference.

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Five-minute abdominal training with the ball – simple and effective

Prepare a mat and a mini training ball for the following items. If you’re feeling adventurous, also include a rubber band and / or ankle weights. Warm up quickly and get into action!

The first exercise

Sit on the mat on the mat. Make sure the ball is between your thighs and squeeze them to keep your position, raise your arms straight in front of you. Then breathe out and slowly, vertically, rest your spine on the mat. Remember to keep the ball squeezed between your thighs and keep your arms extended. Once you lie down with your back on the mat, lift your legs off the mat and bend your knees at a right angle. Bring your arms forward, stretching them out in front of you. Then, pull your chest and knees with the ball towards you, flexing your abs. Breathe out and stretch your legs upwards, and stretch your arms out behind you. Then pull the limbs towards you again. Do ten repetitions.

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Second exercise

Your back remains on the mat, lift your legs so that your knees are directly above your hips. With the ball tucked between your thighs, lower your arms straighten, lift slightly off the ground and point your palms towards the floor. Tense your abdomen and gently lift your chest from the mat. Start pulsing with your hands, trying to do as many repetitions as possible.

Third exercise

Place your back and feet on the mat again. If you are using a ball, place it under your back, approximately at the same height as your lower back. Spread your arms to the sides and slowly lift your legs off the ground. The abdominal muscles must be very tense. In this position, start doing the “bike” with your legs. After eight repetitions, reverse the direction of circulation with your legs. Do two sets of 16 repetitions.

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Fourth exercise

Move the ball under your buttocks. The hands remain pressed to the floor. Bring your legs together and lift them up slowly, straightening them up slightly at an angle. Tense your stomach and legs and start tapping your heels gently against you. Count to eight and relax your body.

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