Kendall Jenner says about your mental health.

Kendall Jenner (24 L.) is one of the most popular American models. Her life looks like a dream, but Kendall admitted that it was not always so colorful. In the past Jennerka suffered from severe panic and decided to tell them about the problem.

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Kendall Jenner suffered from severe panic attacks

Kendall Jenner considered one of the more mysterious Kardashianek. Jennerka no need to sell his personal life to such an extent as her sister. Despite all this, the model decided to open and returned the memory to the days of youth, when she suffered from frequent and very strong panic attacks. Kendall decided to tell my story to show other patients that there is a way out.

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I was very, very young, and I remember I couldn’t breathe. I ran to my mom and said: Mom, I feel I can’t breathe. Something must be wrong, – said the model.

Kendall admitted that Chris took him immediately to the doctor, but Jennerka she didn’t have any symptoms in the physical sense. Rather, the fear it in themselves.

Kendall also admitted that when her career soared, some four years ago, panic attacks came back with a vengeance. In the end, came under the wing of the right doctor and start treatment.

Now the model invites Instagram users to share these messages on how to combat social exclusion, to overcome the stigma of the mentally ill.

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Kendall took part in a new challenge which I called #howareyoureallychallenge and recorded a video from his home in Beverly hills, where she told how to cope during a pandemic koronawirusa.

During the quarantine, a lot of thought mostly about mental health. I have good days and had some very hectic days, she said in the clip.

24-year-old nominowała join the challenge elder sister, Kim Kardashian and friends Justin and Hayley Bieber.

What do you think about this possibility?


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Kendall Jenner Forum photo/Mega-Agency/

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Kendall Jenner, photo Forum/Backgrid USA.

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