Kendall Jenner very close to Bad Bunny at an after-party

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny were photographed very close as they left the after-party, organized in Inglewood, parallel to the tour of Drake. This Saturday, August 13, the 27-year-old model and the 29-year-old musician showed their complicity with the photographers and fans present.

The duo wandered the streets of California, holding hands and smiling broadly. The two then returned to their car, still escorted by their security. A few hours earlier, they had been seen, in good spirits and dancing passionately, at the Drake concert. Not very discreet that evening, Kylie Jenner’s sister and the Puerto Rican have multiplied teasing, low masses and giggles from the VIP stands.

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A romance in progress?

In a relationship for two years, Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner had finally put an end to their relationship in June 2022. For several months, rumors have been rife as to a possible romance between the supermodel and Bad Bunny.

What’s next after this ad

Last June, in the columns of “WSJ”, the reality TV star was very evasive about her relationship with the rapper, first dropping a “no comment” before briefly justifying herself. “I try to balance privacy with the sanctity of things, while not letting the frustration and stress of everyone else’s attempts get in the way of me enjoying my side. You understand ? I do everything to keep things as private as possible, because I think that’s, ultimately, the healthiest way to manage relationships.

For his part, questioned by “Rolling Stone”, Bad Bunny had not been more talkative. “I know people are going to say something. People know all about me, so what’s left for me to protect? My private life, my personal life. »

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