Kendall Jenner with a woven bag from Bottegi Veneta

Kendall Jenner (Photo: Getty Images)

Instead of one jacket, a merger of two. Leather braids instead of knitted weaves and a maxi version of the bag as a replacement for the popular mini chest. Kendall Jenner redefines the concept of urban chic.

Since her return to the catwalk in early July, the photojournalists have followed the model every step of the way. Jenner was photographed twice on Wednesday. On the way to the gym, she was seen wearing a navy blue cotton leotard and Adidas rubber flip-flops signed with three alabaster stripes on the upper. The sports equipment was carried by the star in a black canvas bag reaching mid-thigh.

Kendall Jenner (Photo: East News)

She traversed the streets of Los Angeles in a white t-shirt hidden under a two-color jacket, which is in fact a fusion of two different – painted in a fine check and graphite – sewn together at the Harve Studio atelier. She was also wearing Gia Borghini sandals, made in collaboration with the Scandinavian influencer Pernille Teisbaek, black straight and a large bag from Bottega Veneta. The roomy “BV Jodie” model is made of woven lambskin that forms a crescent shape with a knot on the shoulder. Perhaps the heyday of mini chests is slowly coming to an end.

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