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Golden bathtub in Kendall Jenner's bathroom impresses netizens (Photo: Reproduction)

Kendall Jenner left (Photo: Playback)

A post on the brand’s Instagram lifestyle by Kourtney Kardashian, poosh, caught the attention of netizens last week. The model Kendall Jenneralso a member of the clan, showed a tour for its bathroom and the refined atmosphere generated praise from all sides.

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On video (watch here)one stands out golden bathtub with a view of the wide window of the American privacy stronghold. The bathroom even has a steam shower, a wooden exfoliation bench, hair products and almond oil – Kendall’s favorite.

On the sides of the luxurious piece, you can see paintings with floral prints hanging on the walls in the same tone as the bathtub.

Kendall Jenner's golden bathtub impresses netizens (Photo: Reproduction)

Kendall’s bathroom details (Photo: Playback)

In the publication, instagrammers and celebrities commented on the play. “Bathtub of my dreams, literally!”commented one user. “This bathtub is everything, I fell asleep so relaxing the whole set seems”said another. “[Banheiro] iconic! [Estou] stealing your body care tip too!”mentioned another profile.

The model uses the bathroom to take relaxing baths with red light, an ideal therapy to increase blood flow and stimulate collagen, according to information from poosh. It’s a real spa at home, right? We couldn’t expect less from Kendall Jenner.

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