Kendji Girac, Claudio Capéo, Dua Lipa… What are the summer 2023 hits?

What’s the summer hit? The question comes up every year. The music has a special flavor during the summer period, certain iconic pieces of summer bringing back many memories. “It’s always a pretty interesting time“, points out Pascal Amiaud.

The music director at RTL delivers the list of songs that punctuate our summer. Internationally, the tube Flowers of the American singer Miley Cyrus continues to operate. This song has been at the top of the charts since the beginning of the year.

Pascal Amiaud also quotes the single Tattoo by the Swedish singer Loreen. According to him, this title, winner of Eurovision, is currently the most broadcast title on the radio in August.

On the cinema side, the film Barbie has been a huge success since its release. And the soundtrack of the feature film is also a very big box. The song Dance the Night, extracted from the soundtrack, has established itself as one of the hits of the summer. It is signed by the British artist of Dua Lipa.

And on the side of the French titles?

In France, listeners rather turn to duets during this summer of 2023. The collaboration of Slimane and of Claudio Capeo on the piece At your place and the one at Kendji Girac with Vianney on the title Fire are very popular.

The song I was not made for happiness of Pascal Obispoin duet with Giordana Angi, is also one of the hits of the summer. On the rap side, the title casanova of Soolking And Gasoline is very popular with young people during this summer of 2023.

For Pascal Amiaud, the way of consuming music has greatly evolved with the advent of streaming. “In the 70s and 80s, everyone listened to the same thing (…)listening is more individualized (today)“, estimates the director of the music on the antenna of RTL. “The concept of tube of the summer, I would say that it is narrower and less universal than before“, he points.

The hits that punctuate your summer 2023

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