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Nothing is going well between Poupette Kenza and Allan. A few days ago, the influencer announced their separation. “I prefer to say it on TikTok because I don’t want buzz. I don’t want a top tweet, I don’t want any of that. I just want to tell you things. It had been thought about for a long time. (…) I’m leaving with the children, it’s official. I’ve made my decision. It’s very hard for me, I won’t hide it from you“, she announced, before adding: “I got rid of all my clothes, I don’t want any more memories. I gave everything. I leave the past behind and move on“.

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Her fans then decided to go after her now ex, but Poupette immediately came to the defense of the father of her children: “Hello my beauties. Please stop harassing Allan after today’s announcement. We are no longer associated. Forget it. It’s only me you’re following now. Stop mean tweets, TikToks. It makes things worse“.

Poupette freaks out when she sees Allan with another woman

But that was before. Indeed, only a few hours later, the influencer saw videos of Allan with a girl at a party, and she literally freaked out. “Oh, I can’t get over it, I can’t get over it… No, no, no, no (…) I’m broken, I’m shocked! How can you do this to the mother of your children? I carried your two children. Madness, I have too much hatred. It’s so humiliating to me. I can’t get over it“, she notably yelled.

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