Kevin Feige played a key role in Stan Lee’s cameo, who didn’t want to take off his sunglasses!

The Marvel Studios president played a key role in Stan Lee’s cameo in Tim Story’s first Fantastic 4 movie.

In the early 2000s, even before the birth ofUniverse Marvel Cinematicthe tendency to insert a cameo of Stan Leethe “dad” ofSpiderman and many other superheroes Marvelin the various films based on the comics of House of Ideas. In the first film about Fantastic 4 from Tim Storyfor example, the legendary cartoonist plays one of the characters he created for the quartet’s stories, the postman Willie Lumpkinbut, apparently, his appearance hadn’t been planned that way from the start.

During an interview with SYFY WIRE concerning his work on the 90s television miniseries based on It from Stephen Kingthe makeup artist Bart Mixonwho oversaw the transformation of Michael Chiklis neither The thingtold some unpublished background on Stan Lee’s cameo The fantastic Four (2005). In particular, the make-up artist revealed that the idea of ​​including the character of Willie Lumpkin was born during a conversation with the president of the Marvel Studios Kevin Feige (at the time executive producer):

Kevin [Feige] he was the only person on set I could talk to about comics because no one knew anything about that stuff. I remember one day he was visibly excited and he said like ‘Ooo, Stan Lee is coming! He will be here for a couple of days.‘And I said,’ Oh, great. What will her cameo be this time? and he said ‘I do not know. We have to think of something good. ‘ I said ‘Well, Willie Lumpkin could do it.’ At that moment you could literally see the light bulb on Kevin’s head. He said to me ‘That’s a great idea.’

Mixon also revealed that Stan Lee she showed some resistance to the idea of ​​taking off her signature sunglasses on set and to wear glasses more like Willie Lumpkin’s:

The next day, new pages were added to the script featuring the character of Willie Lumpkin. Originally, all of his dialogues would be spoken by the Baxter Building doorman. So, unfortunately for that guy, they took some of her jokes and gave them to Stan. For some reason, Stan refused to take off his sunglasses. He thought his sunglasses were his he trademark. The costume designers tried to give him round glasses like the ones Willie Lumpkin wears in the comics but Stan didn’t feel comfortable not wearing his signature glasses. “

Fantastic 4 Kevin Feige Stan Lee

Fantastic 4 Stan Lee Kevin Feige

We remember that The fantastic Four (2005), written by Mark Frost And Michael France and directed by Tim Storysees in the cast Ioan Gruffudd (Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic), Jessica Alba (Susan “Sue” Storm / Invisible Woman), Chris Evans (Johnny Storm / The Human Torch), Michael Chiklis (Ben Grimm / The Thing), Julian McMahon (Victor Von Doom / Doctor Doom) e Kerry Washington (Alicia Masters).

This is the official synopsis:
Four friends (Reed Richards, brothers Susan and Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm) along with Doctor Victor Von Doom set off on a science-based space mission. Once in orbit, due to an unexpected event, a cloud of cosmic rays invests them, modifying their DNA, an event from which they will acquire superhuman powers. Reed Richards will discover that he can stretch any part of his body beyond measure, Susan Storm can become invisible and generate force fields, Johnny can ignite and fly while Ben has turned into a big ‘Thing’ with stone skin and extraordinary strength. Von Doom was also mutated by cosmic rays, which gave him electroconductive powers and a metallic skin. The latter, who is an avid entrepreneur, tries to use his powers for his own ends, coming to threaten New York and the whole of humanity to subjugate it and take over the Earth, thus becoming the supervillain Doctor Doom. Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben, who have become popular superheroes by the name of Fantastic Four, will defeat him after a tough battle.

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