Kevin Hart explains why he is in a wheelchair

Kevin Hart found himself temporarily unable to walk after a friendly race against a former American football player.

The comedian revealed in an Instagram video on Wednesday (23Aug23) that he will be in a wheelchair for the next six to eight weeks due to tearing his lower abdomen and hip abductor muscles while sprinting from 36 meters against Stevan Ridley.

“Just a little public service announcement because I know people can see me out there. I don’t want you to worry, but I’m in a wheelchair… Why? Well, because I tried to jump, do young man things, and I was told to put my a** down,” the 44-year-old comedian joked.

“Guys, I ruined everything. I tore my lower abdomen, abductors. I don’t know what it is, but I tore them all up. I can not walk. I stay on my ass. That’s it, 44 years old. »

The Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle actor asked his fans to “respect their age” before their bodies force them to do so.

“To all men and women aged 40 and over, I say: ‘This is not a game, respect your age, or your years will force you to respect it.’ I learned it the hard way,” he said, before wondering: “Why are we competing at this age? What happened to me? Why did I decide to take part in a race? This is the stupidest thing ever, now I can’t walk. »

The former New England Patriots star reposted Kevin Hart’s video on his Instagram Stories and joked, “I SAW @TOMBRADY DO IT AT YOUR AGE SO I THOUGHT YOU HAD TO BE SO BIG BROTHER!” MY FAULT @KEVINHARTFOREAL! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND CONTINUE TO MAKE US LAUGH! »

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