Kevin Hart responds to Carter Williams’ podcast talk

Comedian Carter Williams has reignited his feud with comedian and actor Kevin Hart, making some very inflammatory comments about Shannon Sharpe’s movie. Shea Club YouTube show.

Hart responded by calling the comments “sad,” but took the time to praise his upcoming Netflix film.

Williams didn’t stop Sharp’s plans.

“In 15 years in Hollywood, no one can remember ever seeing Kevin Hart play a sold-out show, and there was always a standing ovation lined up for him at any comedy club,” Williams said.

Then, as an actor, Williams returned to the role of Hart.

“For five years, every movie Kevin Hart made came across my desk and all I said was, ‘We can get some Stepin Fetchit shit out there and I Is it ready to shoot?'” William said.

“It seems like there’s no need to come out as gay because I’m not, right? It’s not necessarily fun, right? I say that and they say, ‘Oh yeah, no problem,’ and then they give it to someone else People, let them do it the way they are, act like I’m the bad guy because I’ve always stood up for myself. Standards. Yeah, it’s funny, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Once again I stand The winner of this decision.”

Hart responded to X.

“I have to vent my anger on the champ… “This is indeed sad,” Hart wrote. “In the meantime…please enjoy the movie trailer for my upcoming movie LIFT streaming on @netflixin for 8 sky! ! ! !

“There was a moment in the trailer where @gugumbatharaw said ‘they really love you’… now I know he said ‘Katt’,” he added.


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