Key to the PSOE’s political program for the 28-m elections

The PSOE program of 28 May only includes the socialists’ measures in the municipal key, and for this reason they have called it the “Municipal Framework Program 2023”. Thus, in the 90 page document, The party led by Pedro Sánchez splits its proposals In different points in which they briefly explain how they want to change the areas if they reach different town halls.

“Green Space” and “Dark Corridor”

Socialists believe Among “its main objectives” « Create comprehensive redevelopment plans that promote green city and Adapted to climate change in which biodiversity has increased. Thus, they propose measures such as reform «vulnerability» Pavement’s, or Build «dark corridor» that “favoring species with nocturnal habits, making their existence compatible with the safe transit of both pedestrians and vehicles”.

‘Cohabitation’ for people above 65 years of age

The PSOE also focuses on housing objectives in its objectives, which they refer to as «a basic need» and a «Fundamental Right» (despite the fact that the Constitution does not classify it as such). so they wantsupport the projects of Cohabitationinterstate housing and similar modus operandi and, in general, the promotion of housing under the regime of assignment of use through the assignment of public lands in surface rights, thus promoting common living among other groups,People over the age of 65.

« The public park shall preferably be nourished by already built houses, distributed equitably throughout the area, and acquired in public procurement procedures, thereby From eviction to homes and banks», they express.

«Children’s Municipal Plenary Session»

Regarding childhood, socialists believe that « boys and girls should be their place in our towns and citiesas well as the means necessary for their personal and social development (sic)”. Therefore, they report that “we will promote the development ofstable bodies of child participation Creating a local council for children in the municipality, at least celebrate a municipal plenary of boys and girls per year,

Democratic memory: renew the historical archives

His rule from the Socialist Party is that «municipalities with memory play an important role in the recovery, protection and dissemination of democratic memoryunderstood as the knowledge of the assertion and defense of democratic values”.

As a result, they will promoteRenovation of the Historical Archives of the Municipal Corporation as a source of our historical memory” and “promote educational activities and programs through which School children learn the history and democratic memory of Spain and the fight for democratic values ​​and freedom».

no heterosexual couples campaign

The PSOE program states that “we will promote municipal communication and information campaigns with an inclusive approach, breaking the rules As a general rule (the presence of Caucasian people only, heterosexual couplepeople without any type of disability, etc.)»

also plan to makea point of focus for diversity in which attention, information and advice are provided and which serves as a meeting point for different groups, and in turn is a bibliographic point of interest In terms of LGTBI diversity,

urbanism with a gender perspective

From the party led by Pedro Sánchez, they consider “cities as places for the new economy, knowledge society in which quality public services are delivered effectively and responsible mobility is encouraged”.

To promote this, they propose to include, among other aspects, “in the vision and development of the city Urban Planning with a Gender Perspective construction, industrial productive city model, city model based on proximity, attention and care for people» and in the face of carrying outGender Assessment and Audit in municipal public projects and services”.

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