KFC: the 5 little-known things you absolutely need to know about the famous chicken fast food restaurant

© KFC: 5 little-known things you absolutely need to know about the famous chicken fast food restaurant

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If there is anyone who embodied the myth of the American dream, it is Colonel Harland Sanders! For many of us French people, this name may mean nothing. But in the United States, Colonel Sanders is a real institution, also because it is associated with one of the most popular dishes in the whole country: Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC. So, here are 5 things you need to know.

1 – A very secret recipe

It was indeed Colonel Harland Sanders who had the idea, in 1930, of associating the service station which he ran in Kentucky with a small restaurant attached. In this restaurant he thought he would present his favorite dish: breaded and fried chicken.

The recipe is secret, and only some information “leaks” from the site: a perfect marinade, a breading made up of 10 layers and perfect cooking. But especially the seasoning with 11 different spices.

Obviously the complete recipe is more secret than that of Coca-Cola. It is also said that the recipe, written on a ticket dating from the end of 1939, is kept in a 350 kilo safe. This would then be continuously monitored by sensors and cameras.

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Even the current KFC CEO would not know its composition. “11 aromatic herbs and spices (and lots of love)”are thus the only indices on the site of the chain.

2 – KFC in Quebec

In Quebec, KFC is called PFK, i.e. Kentucky Fried Chicken.

In this province of Canada where French, the official language, is in decline, a 2016 law requires signs in English to display part of the message in French. “Businesses have until November 2019 to comply”, then specified in 2016 the Quebec Office of the French language.

3 – KFC: Was Harland Sanders really a colonel?

Harland Sanders was really military… But he was never really a colonel.

His chicken was therefore so successful in a short time that Sanders was then awarded the title of “Colonel of Kentucky,” the state’s highest honor. Which then led to KFC becoming a successful chain today with outlets all over the world.

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Thus, today there are 22,000 KFCs in the world.

4 – There are Crocs in the name of the channel

There are two pairs of Crocs with the effigy of KFC.

A “classic” version with pieces of fried chicken on top. And another version… with 12 cm wedge soles. A pair owned by the famous Kim Kardashian, for example.

5 – Eating KFC at Christmas is a Japanese tradition

In Japan, at Christmas we eat buckets. And it’s such a popular tradition that you have to order in advance. And the lines on Christmas Day are endless.

Indeed, in 1974, KFC made a big advertising campaign in Japan “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii”, thus meaning “Christmas in Kentucky”. And, since then, the tradition has continued.

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