KG says LeBron James and Kevin Durant need to ‘play spot-up’

Lebron James And Kevin Durant There are living monuments. But at ages 38 and 34, respectively, the two NBA stars may need to reinvent themselves again in the coming season. And in the eyes of some, the change should be revolutionary.

Kevin Garnett Thinks both the veterans should leave the ball. In last episode of “The Stamp and the Truth”he assures Paul Pierce That the time has come to put a line in their corner.

“LeBron and KD, it’s time for them to play spot-up. They’ve been handed the ball for centuries. Can they play without the ball even once? Can they go to the corner when someone is in action?” Can? »asked the former champion.

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LeBron James, who is preparing to play his 21st season in the NBA, has always been the No. 1 option for his team. The quest for Kevin Durant nears the start of his 16th season. That’s why such a change seems as difficult as it is impossible.

Both wingers certainly have an interest in showcasing their teammates, Anthony Davis And devin booker In particular, one can recognize it in garnet. But from there standing in the corner watching them go full-on attack, it still seems excessive.

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