Khloé Kardashian Finally Balances on Her Breakup With Tristan Thompson!

For the past few days, Khloé Kardashian has been single again. And she just released news about her breakup with Tristan Thompson

Nothing is going well for Khloé Kardashian. The young woman has once again broken up with Tristan Thompson. And this time it’s for good. Because the reasons which led to this separation are too serious. 


Khloé Kardashian is in disarray. Because it is now a few weeks that the pretty brunette is again separated from Tristan Thompson. A new break that sounds like a final end for the couple.

Still, remember, the Boston Celtics player had put a lot of effort into winning back the mother of his daughter. He even spent the first confinement in Los Angeles with his ex and little True.

So things seemed to be going for the best when patterns! The NBA player has once again slipped. Khloé Kardashian indeed surprised him again by cheating on her.

Kim’s sister has indeed caught her man partying with pretty girls on her birthday. And he even went into a hotel room with them.

The cup was therefore full for Khloé Kardashian who decided to break up. Recall that in the past, the young woman had left Tristan Thompson for the same reasons. It must be said that the couple was not swimming in happiness either. 

Khloé was eager to expand her family. It also followed a long and complicated treatment to get there. Suffice to say that now, the young woman of 36 years can give up on this project which was so dear to her heart.


Moreover, she intends to take her life in hand and never fall back into these arms. Too much is too much for Khloé Kardashian who no longer wants to hear from her ex.

“She never wants to be in this position again. She has finished falling into the trap of empty promises from Tristan ”, confides a source close to the starlet.

“Khloé is frustrated and disappointed. She really trusted Tristan and felt he was making a real effort. She hates the fact that she was wrong about him again, ”adds the same source.

The bump of the Good American brand, therefore, wants to turn the page. Khloé Kardashian has also delivered just this week a funny message in her story on Instagram.

“I whisper to myself WTF [what the fuck] at least 20 times a day.” This is the strange message that its 158 million subscribers were able to discover on June 23. Surprisingly, the principal concerned gave no further explanation.

But we imagine that his recent breakup must disturb her quite a bit. Perhaps this terse message has something to do with what is currently going on in her life.

The young mother will therefore have to find a new heart to take. However, she agreed with her ex to continue seeing each other to raise their daughter. 

So she joins her sister, Kim Kardashian at the singles club. Certainly, the life of the Kardashian sisters is not easy at the moment.

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