Khloé Kardashian Ravaged by Cosmetic Surgery and Botox?

Khloé Kardashian had a hard time coming to terms with her body. But to date, is it ultra ravaged by cosmetic surgery?

If Khloé Kardashian has combined cosmetic surgeries and botox, it’s because she never really felt self-confident. The reality TV starlet explained herself on the subject. She revealed whether or not she was ravaged by cosmetic surgery.


If Khloé Kardashian is known for her calm and her numerous topics in “The incredible Kardashians”, she is also and especially very popular for her physique. A wonderful body with pretty shapes, and a face with fine features.

Yet Kim Kardashian’s sister hasn’t always been like this. She’s a whole different woman who started out in the reality TV world. But the fan comments made her doubt herself.

While she was “confident and unapologetic” in 2007, things started to change for her. This is what she explained on Sunday night, during the second half of the special show bringing together the stars of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

“In the first two seasons, I became insecure about myself because of the public’s opinion of me. Then I went through a period where I felt confident. Then I think recently I have become insecure again. So I guess, you know, it comes and goes. “

Khloé Kardashian also revealed that she felt a difference in treatment between her and her sisters. Indeed, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian received “preferential treatment” for their physique.

“Oh, 100%. We did so many photoshoots where they received entire wardrobes of clothes (…). I was given about two or three pieces of clothing, that’s all. “

“And a lot of stylists told me not to worry because I was in the background anyway. It was never a question. It was a fact. And it was also very obvious. ”


From then on, Khloé Kardashian started to lack self-confidenceShe therefore resorted to cosmetic surgery, like her sisters. But she refuses to admit that she totally remade her face. That’s what she told host Andy Cohen.

“To me, everyone says, ‘Oh my God, she had her third face transplant. But I had a nose job, Dr. Raj Kanodia, and everyone is so upset, like, “Why don’t I talk about it?” “.

“No one ever asked me. You are the first person in an interview to ask me about my nose. I did, of course, injections, not really Botox. I reacted horribly to Botox. “

These rumors seem to have affected her a lot. So much so that today, she cannot share a photo of herself without editing it on social networks. It even caused controversy on several occasions.

A few months ago, she made a big blunder by sharing a photo of herself without a filter on InstagramKhloé Kardashian immediately deleted it. 

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