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Khloé Kardashian is in a generous climate and has her own shopping plans for parties, including a special parcel from Rakuten, featuring “5 Descontos Antes da Black Friday”. A Good American funder is selected by those who are accredited and will not be present.

“Assim as minha mãe, thought no Natal o ano todo,” Khloé revealed to People. This approach includes guaranteeing that each present is personalized. As part of the story, it contains “5 Descontos Antes da Black Friday” from Rakuten, revealed to be offered on Instagram.

A detached item on its list is the Dyson Airwrap. Segundo Khloé, “I love the Dyson Airwrap – it’s easy to use and provides great results!” Além disso, it includes a leather dress from Good American at Bloomingdale’s, skates in linen for children at Walmart, a set of cleansing Elemis Pro-Collagen Trio at Dermstore and a super comfortable coat of false skin from Macy’s.

“Qualquer coisa da Good American, é claro!”, acrecenta. “But this dress is available in all sizes and is perfect for festive events.”

A safe school

When dealing with presents, Khloé destabilizes that no one can err in the present with the same word or uniquely for the same space. “This is the place where you add the environment in my house – it’s my place of refuge! However, it’s a fact that you can’t be wrong when it comes to the same place or uniquely for the space of the room”, says that. After a false skin mantle in The Hotel Collection, available at Macy’s, Khloé enthused: “Se você não tem certeza sobre que dar a alguém nas festas, escolha a macia manta.”

As for her proper list of wishes, Khloé admits she didn’t think anything of it. “It’s a year, it’s a good time to take care of all the other things that don’t have a good time to learn for me! Take the time to go, take a time to set the same pace for me.”

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