Kid Cudi between passion and derivation

The September 30th the new project (or rather, new projects) of Scott Mescudiin art Kid Cudi: Entergalacticwhich is both a music album and one special on Netflix. Both products deal with topics such as loneliness, love and the dynamics of being in a relationshiptold from the point of view of Jabaria kind of fictional version of the same Mix. Nello special lend the voices (and features) actors of the caliber of Timothée Chalamet, Laura Harrier, Vanessa Hudgens, Keith David And Macaulay Culkin.

Not a movie, not a TV series: what is it Entergalactic?

Entergalactic Kid Cudi
Kid Cudi at the Entergalactic Premiere. © Netflix 2022

It is difficult to re-enter Entergalactic in a specific category: announced in 2019 as a Netflix TV series, this August the authors rectified that the project of Kid Cudi it would have been distributed as one instead special for an hour and a half. It would therefore not even be fair to talk about a film, since Entergalactic it is actually divided into 6 chapters, which probably make up the episodes of the series originally conceived.

The result is still an animated film lasting a movie, but Entergalactic it’s a very special project: it’s not just one specialbut also a visual companion to the new eponymous album from Kid Cudiissued at the same time as the special Netflix. As the same says Mix:

I had this idea for the show, and then it was like, how can we incorporate the music? How can we have the music be a part of the show? I initially wanted to make a visual album, but I was like, that’s been done before. How can we give it a little twist? How can we do something different? That’s how I came up with the idea for the show, Entergalactic.

Entergalactic it is therefore a unique product of its kind: a cross-media project which allows an in-depth study of the songs of the album and a 360-degree identification with the characters of the special and in the songs of Kid Cudi. The co-creator of Entergalactic Kenya Barris (creator of the beloved TV series Black · ish) deepened this aspect by saying:

The idea of ​​there’s never been an album and a series dropped at the same time, so each song will have a 30-minute narrative that kind of explains what that song is about and it’s a love story… It’s a youthful love story told through Cudi’s music.

The project is then named after a song from the debut album of Kid Cudi Man on the Moon: The End of Dayentitled “Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part I)“. Entergalactic it is therefore a very personal project for Mix, who for the first time has decided to tell her point of view on love and relationships. However, it is special it doesn’t hit as much as the album.

Entergalactic is it derivative of other films?

Entergalactic Kid Cudi

Despite Entergalactic both a project to which Mix he spent a lot of time, pouring all his passion and enthusiasm into it, lo special on Netflix is ​​lately a product very derivative and not very original, both from an aesthetic and a narrative point of view. Being a romantic comedythe script is inevitably predictable and taken for granted, telling of the predestined love at first sight between Jabari (Kid Cudi) e Meadow (Jessica Williams), both emerging stars in their respective fields of work. Confused and frightened by the news in their lives, they drift away due to a misunderstanding, and then solidify their mutual love in the finale.

A plot already seen and revisited in many other films of the same genre: from this point of view Entergalactic it is nothing different from the plethora of comedies in the Netflix original movie catalog. But on the other hand Entergalactic it is also a animation filmwhich despite giving beautiful sequences and gods bright and energetic colorsis the evident result of an attempt to emulate the animation style of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Versealready copied in other films such as The Mitchells vs. the Machines and the most recent Too Bad.

The animation, albeit pleasant to see, with his mixture of 2D and 3D inevitably refers the thought to other previous films: from the use of colors to more cartoonish references (Jabari is one street artist who works for a comic company), up to more sequences trip and psychedelics. Even the way it is represented New Yorkurban but full of life and colors, pervaded by hip-hop music, contemporary art and multiculturalism, is very reminiscent of the cartoon by Spider-Verse. A big flaw is that on many occasions the movements of the characters are too jerkymachinery, not fluid, and therefore not too pleasing to the eye.

Kid Cudi’s passion

Entergalactic Kid Cudi

Strength from Entergalactic seems to be precisely the presence of Kid Cudi, creatively speaking. Despite in the special his is a derivative vision of other works, the moments in which the songs are juxtaposed with moving images, in those that are in effect the small music video clips, are those that give the most emotions, and of which the memory is preserved most. Perhaps it could not be done otherwise, since Kid Cudi he wanted to avoid to do a simple visual album or an extended music video.

What saves Entergalactic from its banality is the passion that Mix puts into his own songs, and even if the author has claimed not to talk about his direct personal experiences, one feels a lot instead how much this is a extremely personal project and intimate for the singer, and it is this passion that makes it Entergalactican otherwise easily forgotten project, a nice frankenstein monsterwhich continually oscillates between originality and déjà-vu.

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