KIDNAP / On Rete 4 the film with Halle Berry released in theaters 3 years late

Kidnap, curiosity about the film on Rete 4

The film “Kidnap” it was released in theaters with a 3-year delay; in fact, the shooting was completed in 2014 but due to the failure of the production studio the date was postponed to 2017. Among the many emerging artists it is worth mentioning the participation of Halle Berry, directed for the first time by Luis Prieto. From the point of view of the critics, the film has obtained wide acclaim, confirmed by the over 30 million collected. In the film there are some errors reported promptly by users on the net.

For example, between the opening scenes of the film the protagonist is intent on serving at the tables; despite the passage of time between one commission and another, the bar clock always marks the same time. Furthermore, many have noticed how the Volvo driven by the kidnappers changes license plates depending on the shot or scene. Also noteworthy is the plot hole highlighted in the kamikaze scene. The criminal actually takes too little time to travel between the house and the crash site.

Kidnap, the film on Rete 4

Tonight, Saturday 24 September, at 21.25 hours on Network 4 will be broadcast “Kidnap“, A drama and action film produced in the United States of America in 2017 and directed by Luis Prieto. For the cast of Kidnap the extraordinary participation of Halle Berry stands out, together with Sage Correa, Arron Shiver and Chris McGinn.

In June 2018, at the annual Taurus World Stunt Awards, Taryn Terrell won for Hardest Hit. In July 2018, Brice Fisher was nominated for the 39th Young Artist Awards for Best Performance in a Feature Film – as a Supporting Actor. At the 49th NAACP Image Awards, Berry earned a nomination for Best Actress in a Picture.

Kidnap, the tram from the film

The protagonist of “Kidnap”Is Karla Dyson, a young separated mother, grappling with a sad story involving her own baby, Frankie. For years she has been living in hardship and working at a local bar. Her difficulties are mainly due to differences with the ex-partner who tries in every way to obtain the child’s custody. While in the park, Frankie is hunted by some men intent on kidnapping him. At this point he begins a terrible chase and a race against time in order to save his son. Karla seeks help from passersby after losing her cell phone but she finds no comfort in anyone. At one point she is forced to stop when the poor little one is threatened with death, but she decides to resume the chase shortly after.

Meanwhile, the woman manages to get in touch with an agent she met on the way, but just as she tries to explain the story, the latter is overwhelmed by the car of the kidnappers who are forced to stop. After a long negotiation, the woman agrees to pay a ransom of 10 thousand dollars and is escorted to the first ATM in the area. During the race, however, a fight begins between Margo, one of the kidnappers, and Karla, who manages to wriggle out and throw her out of the car.

The other accomplice does not immediately realize what has happened and continues for several meters before stopping and threatening the child with death again. The woman does not give up and she continues her race against time, also giving up the help of the police. She had in fact been discouraged when entering the nearest plant she had noticed several placards depicting missing and never found children. That was enough to convince her to continue alone. After a while she manages to find the house of one of the kidnappers, discovering inside a hut not only her son but most of the children who disappeared in that period. After yet another fight with Margo she manages to kill her and save everyone.


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