“Kiev is behind the murder of Dugin’s daughter.” The indiscretion from US intelligence: the real target was the father

L’ intelligence American believes that behind the murder of Darya Dugina, 30-year-old daughter of the philosopher ultranationalist Russian Alexander Dugin, killed on 20 August by the explosion of a rudimentary device in the car in which he was traveling, there is Kiev. Informed sources reveal it to New York Times, without revealing, however, which figures of the Ukrainian government are responsible for the attack or if President Volodymyr Zelensky had been aware of the operation. US officials also believe that the real target was Darya’s father, Aleksandr, who has been urging Fly to intensify its war against theUkraine and has always been one of the main supporters of a Russia aggressive and imperialist. A likely option, since, according to Russian sources, father and daughter should have traveled in the same car, but at the last minute Aleksandr would have decided to get into another vehicle. The sources then specified that the Use «They took no part in the attack nor did they provide information nor other forms of assistanceAnd that the US secret services were not even aware of the operation, which they would have opposed had they been consulted. Asked by New York Times Zelensky’s adviser, Mykhailo Podolyakreiterated that the government of Kiev he is not involved in the death of the ultranationalist’s daughter: “In wartime every homocide it must make sense, fulfill a specific purpose, tactical or strategic. Dugina is neither a tactical nor a strategic target for Ukraine, ”she said.

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