Kiev summons the apostolic nuncio for Pope Francis’ phrases about Darya Dugina. Kuleba: “We are disappointed”

The foreign ministry of Kiev summoned the apostolic nuncio to Ukrainemonsignor Visvaldas Kulbokasabout Pope Francis’ recent comment on the death of Darya Dugina. This was made known by the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba. “We have carefully studied the complete quote from Pope francesco and we have decided to convene the Apostolic Nuncio to express Ukraine’s disappointment, ”said Kuleba, adding that a statement on the matter will soon be released, with more details.

The Kiev representative pointed out that summoning a nuncio is a coincidence Without precedents and as such it speaks for itself. “I will say frankly that the Ukrainian heart is torn apart by the Pope’s words. Was unfair“.

During the general audience on Wednesday 24 August, the Pontiff spoke about the killing of Dugina, defining the woman as a “An innocent victim” Of the war. A statement that did not go down to Kiev. The Ukrainian ambassador to the Holy Seein fact, he defined the Pope’s speech “Disappointing”pointing the finger at the parallelism that, according to Kiev, the Pontiff would have made between “Aggressor and victim, rapist and raped”.

Darya Duginadaughter of Aleksandr Dugin and TV commentator, she was killed in Moscow last year 2nd July following the explosion of the car in which he was traveling. According to Russia to have committed the murder it would have been Natalia Vovkthe Ukrainian woman suspected of being a member of the Azov battalion and who, according to the reconstructions made by the Russian investigators, fled in Estonia. The explosive placed in the car in which Dugina was traveling was actually intended for her father who, according to the first reconstructions, would have decided at the last moment not to get in the car with his daughter.

“Our hearts don’t just want revenge and retaliation, it would be too mean, not in Russian style”, “you just need victory“, Said Aleksandr Dugin. Russian ultranationalist philosopher and theorist of Euroasianism, Dugin is considered a man close to the president Vladimir Putin and one of the inspirers ofinvasion of Ukraine. “Our hearts don’t just want revenge and retaliation, that would be too mean, not Russian-style,” “we just need victory,” said Dugin.

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