killed Giovanni Senatore, 40 years old. Taken the murderer-

from Francesca Morandi

A quarrel between two patrons degenerated into violent quarrel. Mauro Mutigli, 38, took a knife from the electric scooter compartment and hit the victim several times. A friend who tried to defend him was also injured

On a quiet Wednesday in the summer, during the party of the country a Castelleone, in the Cremonese area, between the tables of a barwhile people were enjoying themselves around the music and the shows of street artists, suddenly the blade of a knife and the historic center is stained with blood. The death toll of one dead, one injured and one arrested.

Shortly before 9.30 pm, in a bar a few meters from the Piazza del Comune, a quarrel between two patrons, one of 38 and the other of 40 years, which degenerated into violent quarrel. From the words, the two, both resident in the village, soon passed to the fists, up to the worst of the epilogues: the intervention of a third customer, who tried to make peace, was in vain. One of the two customers in fact left and then returned armed with a knife, taken from the internal compartment of his electric scooter.

Hit in the abdomen, the 40-year-old Giovanni Senatore died shortly after in hospital, resident in the country. His friend Alessandro Ferrari, 33, was injured while trying to defend him. While ending up in handcuffs, after a mad rush through the streets of Castelleone screaming I’ll kill you all, state Mauro Mutigli, 38, also resident in Castelleone. The carabinieri investigate the dynamics.

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