killed the architect Walter Albi, a serious former footballer

The man who died following the shooting in the Pescara bar was his name Walter Albi66 years old,
and is registered in the register of architects. The seriously injured is Luca Cavallito, 48 years old, former footballer with a criminal record.
A further reconstruction of the witnesses confirms that the firing was only one person arrived by motorbike: they speak of an arm sticking out of some plants on the side of via Ravasco and of a very steady hand that fires at least six shots. The man wearing a full-face helmet would then have fled along via Vittorio Veneto at full speed on the large-displacement motorbike.

Pescara, shooting in the center outside the bar: one dead and one seriously injured, killer on the run

The ambush

It is around 8 pm, aperitif time, when a man parks a scooter in via Ravasco and on foot, slowly and without taking off his helmet, reaches the bar and goes directly to the veranda of the place where the owner Antonio Corradi and his wife Loredana they are serving customers. The man goes straight to a table with two people waiting for a pizza, in a moment he draws his weapon and fires several shots, then disappears in silence as he arrived. Some boys on bicycles are in front of him, “he was dressed in black”, and they warn the people in the neighborhood to take cover. At the Kidland, a place one step away from the bar, a party crowded with children is underway, the shots are heard distinctly and panic spreads among mothers screaming and little ones looking for shelter. The man would have acted alone but not even the presence of accomplices can be excluded.

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