Killian advised Hazard to move away!

Without a club since the end of his experience at Real, Eden Hazard received some strange advice for the rest of his career.

Eden Hazard has not yet officially announced his retirement after terminating his contract with Real Madrid a few months ago.

“It’s better to stop Eden”

Many expect him to return to another club, but some believe he would be better off retiring. His younger brother Killian is part of the second category. “He did everything he could and won trophies at every club he played for. If I were him, I would stop. Eden deserves to spend time with her family.

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Kylian, who had a brief stint at Chelsea and now plays for RWDM in Belgium, said in an interview with HLN: “He (Eden) is not progressing at the moment, but I don’t know if his career is over or not. If he takes any final decision, it will have to be said by him himself. ,

When asked about his brother’s typical day from now on, Kiyan said: “At the moment Eden is in Madrid, her children go to school there. I know what he does every day. He’s just trying to enjoy life. He loves football very much, it has always been his biggest passion and that is why he has given his all in every team he has played for.”

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