Kim and Khloé Kardashian have a revelation about the brain that is very difficult to create

Lace Hermanas Kardashian I found a bomb more impactful than an ex’s sexual escapades in Italy. In a world that weary Kardashian his conocidas por sus luxuries of life and extravagant tastes,Kim and Khloé Han revealed a little secret: ¡nunca han it was a normal cerveza!

Durante one moment of sincerity In your reality show, the glamorous women, ataviadas with their usual brilliance and glamor, confessed never to have been the child of the common man. “A normal cerveza? Nunca”, exclaimed Kim, Khloé was happy with her head. Whoever decides, you need a Budweiser when you have one Dom Pérignon in rapid movement?

Resulta casi comico, queridos, imaginar a las fabulosas hermanas Kardashian tomando una cerveza normal y corriente. Me imagining a Kim, stupid perfectly shaped nailsesforzándose to shelter a lata of cerveza, there is Khloé, known impeccable makeup, start the nose with only one ear. Are you a dignified worm spectacle.

The entertaining reaction in reds

By supuesto, el Twitterverso no part of this revelation without any details risas y memes. Internet is flooded with hilarious reactionswith our fans imagining the first encounter with hermans with a cerveza. “Will it be a Bud Light or a Coors Light?”is preguntaban.

Our Kardashians encantan, pero Did you lose a cold cerveza on a warm day? Is how I lose a musician Chanel. Can the cerveza not be glamorized like one? copa de champan, but still it’s enchanting. The time of day that the hermanas change over the light of the day burbujeante and ‘elegantioso’ French por una buena ‘chela’ bien helada¡sólo for a day!

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