Kim Kardashian admits to having edited photos with her niece at an amusement park

Kim Kardashian took a photo with Kylie Jenner’s daughter and edited it so that her niece True was in the picture

Kim Kardashian (41) took to his Instagram this Wednesday, the 27th, to clear up some rumors regarding photo editing.

The influencer admitted to having edited the controversial photos of her niece true (4), daughter of KhloéKardashian (37).

Khloé had already spoken on her social networks and admitted that the photo would have been edited, but did not give details about what happened.

Kim revealed that the original photos were of her daughter Chicago (4) the one with the small stormi (4), daughter of Kylie Jenner (24), only Kylie didn’t want the photos posted. “I asked Kylie if I could post and she said she wasn’t willing to post at the moment and I respected it. !”, told the influencer in her stories.

However, the ex-wife of Kanye West(44) did not want to give up the clicks. The model said she has the job of planning to post Instagram posts in the blue and pink colors. “I wouldn’t mess up my Insta feed. Chi was wearing pink and it would fit perfectly“, revealed Kim.

It was then that the reality star The Kardashians came up with the idea to put niece True in the photos instead of Stormi. “You know how good aesthetics are for my soul. And I wasn’t going to let Kylie screw this up for me and mess up my Insta feed. So thanks True for taking this one for the team“, said the mother from Chicago.

I didn’t think it would be such a big deal if her mom questioned if I took her to Disney for the first time“, even revealed True’s aunt.

Kim edited more photos?

All the Photoshop talk in Kim’s stories started after she was accused of editing her boyfriend’s jaw Pete Davidson(28) in the photos of the two together.

the daughter of Kris Jenner (66) denied the allegations and did not miss the opportunity to praise her new boyfriend. “I think the defined jaw. Defined to the point you think I edited the photo“, wrote the socialite.

Kim further explained why the photo could not have been edited. “A photo where he’s laughing in the middle of a conversation !”, revealed the influencer. The mother of four children said that she just put a filter on the couple’s photo.

The model also did not miss the opportunity to mock what happened. “How do you edit a live photo? asking a friend“, Kim wrote along with the video in which the photo is taken in a restaurant.

Check out Kim’s stories explaining herself about photo editing here!

Kim Kardashian explained that she organizes her feed with pink and blue photos
Kylie Jenner, mother of Stormi, did not allow Kim to post pictures of Stormi and Chicago at Disney
In order not to mess up her feed, Kim swapped Stormi's face for that of her niece True
Kim Kardashian denied rumors that she would have edited a photo with her boyfriend Pete Davidson - Reproduction: Instagram
The influencer still mocked the accusations made - Playback: Instagram

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