Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are dating again

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been married since 2014. Initially, they got along very well. They both believed that children were the greatest happiness and were enthusiastic about growing the family. Over time, Kim decided that her health did not allow her to take care of childbirth in person, and in the case of the two youngest of the four children, she entrusted this task to surrogates.

Unfortunately, in 2016, Kanye became addicted to opioids and began making public statements that evoked mixed feelings. Among other things, he called Donald Trump the brother with whom he shares “dragon energy”, he also became famous for the opinion that prison is better than slavery, because only African Americans were slaves, and there are also whites in prisons, which basically makes them fully democratic institutions.

The strange states the rapper fell into not only alienated many fans from him, but also prompted Kim to reflect more deeply on their marriage. The celebrity noticed that she and her husband began to distance themselves from each other, also in a geographical sense, as Kanye spent more and more time outside the home. As Kim confessed, however, she would prefer him to be a little more present both in body and spirit with her and the children:

Before they even decided to start divorce formalities, Kanye began dating Irina Shayk. He quickly started cheating on the new girl with his still official wife, Kim.

Witnesses to their date at one of the restaurants in Malibu revealed that they exchanged affection as if nothing had ever gone wrong in their relationship. It is possible that, instead of a formal divorce, there will be reconciliation.

Of course, once Kanye finishes work on the new album “Donda”, which turned out to be much more important to him than Irina, Kim and even the children. The question remains whether the spouse, who has seemed a bit impatient lately, will wait for Kanye to settle with himself or whether and how he wants to have a private life …


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