Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get divorced. Sharp words of a celebrity

State of a seven-year marriage Kim Kardashian and Kanye West it has been considered agonizing for at least two years.

However, it seems that in July 2020, during the rapper’s presidential campaign at that time, there was indeed a turning point. And despite the attempts to resuscitate the feelings that once united a couple, it did not work.

The mental illness (bipolar disorder) that the musician is struggling with, not only has worsened, but has led to the fact that he himself disclosed very personal information about his immediate family on social media. Not excluding, of course, my wife. Kim Kardashian, who had fought for this marriage and had endured everything so far without complaint, decided to divorce.

“It got to the point that they had not spent time together as a married couple for months. They were seeing each other because of the children, but they lived separately. Kim knows that this marriage is over” – reported an informant of the magazine “E!”.

In the last episode “With a Camera at the Kardashians” the woman confessed what she had felt before the divorce. The episode was filmed while the couple were still together.

“Honestly, I’ve had enough. Why am I still in a place where I’ve been stuck for years? For example, he moves to a different state every year, and I have to be with him so we can raise the kids. He’s an amazing dad, he made amazing job. I think he deserves someone who can support his every move, follow him everywhere and move to Wyoming – I can’t do that. He should have a wife who supports his every move, travels with him and does everything ” Kardashian was saying.

“I feel like a … she’s a failure, because it’s already my third marriage. Yes, I feel like a … she’s a loser. I don’t even believe that I’m still able to be happy. There is nothing to talk about. . I can’t fight it forever, “she added.

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