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On Thursday, August 26, there was an event promoting Kanye West’s latest album “Donda”. Unexpectedly on the stage next to the rapper we also saw Kim Kardashian, who was wearing … a wedding dress. Does this mean that they managed to save their marriage?

In February, the whole world was informed about the break-up of one of the most popular marriages in the world of show business. It was then that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce. For many fans, the impending end of the celebrity’s relationship with rapper Kanye West was a great shock.

In the months that followed, there were leaks in the US media about a settlement to be reached by the couple at their divorce hearing, but also rumors of how they were both coping through this difficult period. Kanye West was even supposed to seek consolation in the arms of the Russian beauty Irina Sheik. Recently, however, more and more talk about the possible return of the famous couple.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and they got back together? The musician broke up with his girlfriend and meets his “ex” wife!

Kanye West dumped current partner Irina Shayk. A moment later he appeared in the company of another woman. He met with Kim Kardashian. There are many indications that Kanye will return to his wife and children.

Kim in her wedding gown alongside Kanye

On Thursday, Kanye West organized an event where he promoted his new album “Donda”. The presentation of the album was widely reported in the American media, but not because of the rapper. During the song “No Child Left Behind” that ended the event, Kim Kardashian appeared on the scene wearing a wedding dress and she walked over to her husband.

Does this mean that we will see a great comeback and the couple will cancel their divorce? Supporters of this theory, to confirm their thesis, indicate that recently on Instagram Kim appeared a photo from the playlist, where we could see that he is listening to Kanye’s songs.

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