Kim Kardashian and the theft of an ancient statue …

Kim Kardashian is now facing a surprising accusation. According to court documents filed in California, the US government is demanding the return of “stolen, smuggled and illegally removed” antiques, which were to be delivered to the star. However, a spokesman for Kardashian West said the reality show star never bought the stuff.

“We believe it may have been purchased using her name without authorization because she never received it and was not aware of the transaction,” the spokesman explained in a statement sent to CNN. “We encourage you to investigate the matter and hope that the sculpture will be returned to its rightful owners,” he added in a statement.

Italian officials believe the limestone carving, described as “Fragment of Myron’s Samian Athena”, was originally looted from Italy and they want it to be returned. As it turns out, the case dates back to 2016, when the antique statue arrived at the port of Los Angeles and immediately caught the attention of US customs officials. In the attached form, the importer is described as: “Kim Kardashian doing business as Noel Roberts Trust”. The package contained antiques, furniture and decorations for a total of 40 items worth $ 745,882.

During the investigation, authorities discovered contradictions and serious doubts about the documentation, and further examination and analysis of the statue revealed that it had been looted, smuggled and illegally removed from Italy. A representative of the Belgian art company Axel Vervoordt, who bought the statue and sold it to his American client, said he had just learned of a seizure request, explaining that the statue was purchased from one of the French galleries.

Documents in the case do not indicate any wrongdoing on the part of the Kardashian, but authorities are asking her to relinquish property.

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