Kim Kardashian as the cover of the album “Donda” during Met Gala 2021. Styling of a celebrity with a covered face the most commented creation of the evening

Undoubtedly, it was Kim Kardashian’s styling that received the title of the most commented on during Met Gala 2021. What was the celebrity wearing and what was her total black look alluding to?

No wonder Kim Kardashian stole the show again. Ever since she stepped onto the red carpet for the first time at the Met Gala in 2013 in the iconic Givenchy floral maternity gown, she takes her fashion choices more seriously every year. In 2019, the repair bar was set high by choosing a nude dress by Thierry Muggler, which imitated the “wet look”. It was certain that after two years the star would not be forgotten again. Nobody, however, expected what he would prepare this time. However, we are not disappointed. Kim is on the languages ​​of the entire industry again!

What stylization did she choose?

Kardashian appearing solo on the red carpet was unrecognizable. And no wonder. Her Balenciaga Total black look covered every part of her body. Including the face. The styling included a tunic-length T-shirt, bodysuit, elbow-length gloves and leggings with built-in high heels. The only visible part of her body was a long ponytail that was released from the black mask she was wearing.

Very soon there were voices that Kim disguised herself as … the album cover Donda Kanye West. What some say is an ongoing campaign to promote West’s new material. And even though Kanye West didn’t join Kim on the red carpet, his influence on what the celebrity looked like was undeniable.

Interestingly, TMZ reports that it was Kanye who encouraged Kim to appear in such a creation. Many sources say West “Gave Kim the courage to through creativity and awaken human imagination”. After Kim had a momentary solo moment on the red carpet, she was joined by Balenciaga’s creative director, Demna Gvasalia. The designer also opted for an all-black look that covered the entire surface of the body. It’s worth noting that it was West who first introduced the Kardashian to Gvasalia. Demna also collaborated on events promoting the album Donda, and the motif of a masked face with a balaclava-like material we already saw during the presentation of the new Kanye material.

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