Kim Kardashian at dinner with Demi Moore (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian at dinner with Demi Moore (PHOTOS)

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Kim Kardashian at dinner with Demi Moore (PHOTOS)

Other stars have also joined, and Kanye is getting more and more furious!

After the new relationship of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson was officially confirmed, such high popularity of the celebrity rose to the limit. Paparazzi do not leave her step and photograph every moment of her life.

Kim Kardashian at dinner with famous friends.

On Sunday evening, Kim went to the luxurious Nobu restaurant with her famous friends. Demi Moore and her daughter Rumer Willis, as well as Amber Valetta, appeared at dinner.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are officially together!

The almost ex-wife of Kany West, according to her latest “tendency”, again opted for a tight fitting one-color outfit, despite the late hour she did not take off her glasses. Demi opted for a more comfortable outfit – jeans, a brown jacket and long loose hair as well as round glasses frames made the 59-year-old look very young.

Demi Moore, 58, in a bikini. Accompanied by her daughter Rumer (PHOTOS)

Amber chose a black classic costume and Rumer chose white. As it can be assumed, the gathering of such famous four friends caused quite a stir in the restaurant.

OMG! What happened to LIPS Rumer Willis? (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian’s life has gained momentum again, all thanks to a new relationship. As the press writes about her joint Christmas plans with her new partner, rumors come that her almost ex-husband is increasingly dissatisfied with this turn of events. As he stated in a recent interview, he still believes Kim is his wife and wants to continue the marriage. Kim wants to complete all the divorce formalities as soon as possible and become free as soon as possible, but Kanye probably won’t get her a divorce that easily. So, will we face a court battle? We will probably find out about it soon.

Kanye West wants to be with Kim again! “She is still my wife!”

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