Kim Kardashian at the premiere of Donda’s album. Would you recognize her in this outfit?

Kim Kardashian
Author: E! Entertainment / Ferrari Press / East News

Fans finally got the premiere of Kanye West’s latest album, Donda. For the album to be polished to perfection, the release date was delayed. The disc was released on August 6, and even Kim Kardashian was present at the premiere. Although in this outfit it is difficult to recognize.

On July 22, Kanye West organized a listening session of the new album at the stadium in Atlanta. The event was supposed to be connected with its premiere, but this did not happen. The guests at the stadium had the opportunity to listen to the premiere songs, but they had to wait for the entire album until August 6th. Kanye focused on perfection and said that the disc needs to be refined.

Kim Kardashian continues to support her husband. Kanye West invited her to the premiere of the album Don …

When the stadium premiere time came, a lot of people flocked, including Kim Kardashian with children. Because although the couple is about to divorce, the celebrity supports her husband as much as possible.

At the premiere of the album, Kardashianka appeared in black long pants, also a black blouse with long sleeves and… a black balaclava. Her eyes were barely visible.

Of course, it was difficult to recognize a celebrity at first glance, but looking at a similar rapper’s outfit, you could quickly connect the two …

Kim’s outfit was designed by a luxurious Spanish fashion house Balenciaga.

Also the children of the West, all dressed in black, but without balaclavas.

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