Kim Kardashian caused outrage among animal lovers. The reason for this purse!

Kim Kardashian
Author: E! Entertainment / Ferrari Press / East News

The Kardashian / Jenner clan not only loves to be in the limelight, but also loves to cause scandals. After all, nothing like controversy attracts the attention of the Internet and the media. Kim Kardashian was once again under fire from fans. The celebrity was hit hard by animal lovers. What exactly was going on?

Kardashians love to be the center of attention, so it’s no wonder they are eager to share their lives on social media. And their reality show has 20 seasons. The TV show With a Camera at the Kardashians gained not only a lot of viewers, but also showed celebrities from a really private side.

Almost every family drama was covered in detail in the program.

Since the famous reality show ended its broadcast, celebrities have only social media at their disposal, which they willingly use. One of the most active people there is Kim Kardashian. Kanye West’s wife eagerly publishes photos.

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The last photo that was on her profile met with mega hate. Animal lovers were outraged when they saw Kim’s purse. Internet users noticed a large, beige bag probably made of crocodile leather …

As the fans noticed, the handbag is Hermes Birkin, which is mega-known among many stars. Its cost is as high as 80,000 pounds!

According to experts, the handbag that Kardashianka has is one of the rarest and most desirable handbags in the world.

However, animal lovers did not share this opinion.


Please no crocodile leather bags

#dropcroc wearing tortured wildlife as shoes or anything else is unacceptable

You’re beautiful, but please don’t use furs or any other exotic leather. This is not fashion, it is exploitation and cruelty towards animals. Be smarter. Thank you.

Kim Kardashian apparently she got scared of her fans because the photo disappeared from Insta …

Do you think that, under the pressure of fans, he will give up carrying leather bags?

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