Kim Kardashian challenges Kourtney from fast food for my nephew

Kim Kardashian called again sister Courtney in social networks. In Manas in sight of each other, as indicated, a joke, or not? In any case, this time the most famous clan on the call to give food is not healthy and not eat fast foods, to his nephew Mason.

“When I was a nanny,” wrote Kim, in the legend image with the boy on the couch, eating their chips and burgers.

Secular Courtney is an advocate of good food organic food ” and “cons” of this style, sister of the famous.

Someone with nephew Mason - InstagraM: @ @ KimKardashian


Kim Kardashian shared information about their children during quarantine coronavirus. Moreover, show that the small PS, 13 months, in the end, he began to walk, she was amused by his followers in history on Instagram, showing a school assignment son St. West that responded to the survey about mother famous.

She said, “the Holy gave it to me for mother’s day,” wrote prior to call responses ridiculous son about it.

Profile name: All about my mother.

Among the answers the boy three years: how Kim Kardashian does not leave him alone, Kim 11 years, the best kitchen for his bottles favorite food mother’s asparagus, his favorite drink is juice, Apple, orange, grape, Who relaxes, seeing the TV.

Funny thing that they do together: buy the app on the ipad. And what makes Someone to be a mother? “She makes me love to buy things for me.”

But Who said all funny:

“11 years?”. “Leave you alone? WTF?”. “baby… bottle?!?!”. “I hate asparagus”. “I don’t buy apps, but LOL!”. “I cuddle with him better.”, and Who wrote what sen said about the “buy things” for him.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson appear in hand
Kim Kardashian fun with answers about her St

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