Kim Kardashian closes KKW Beauty! All because of a divorce from Kanye West?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Author: MPNC / Backgrid / East News

Probably no one expected this. The thriving Kim Kardashian KKW Beauty brand ends its activity! The celebrity announced that it will soon close the brand’s website and the store itself. Is it really over?

Business KKW Beauty belonging to Kim Kardashian Maybe she hasn’t gained the fame of Kylie Cosmetics, which belongs to her little sister Kylie Jenner, but she’s also doing really well.

The fans froze when the KKW Beauty Instagram profile announced that the company was closing not only its website, but also the entire brand! What happened?

Many internet users and the media thought about the divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. According to some, Kim deliberately closes the brand so that it suffers as little as possible.

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Why is Kim Kardashian closing KKW Beauty?

Fans initially could not understand the celebrity’s decision, but calmly KKW Beauty will disappear from the market, but a new brand will appear under a completely different banner. Best of all, the new company will offer its customers similar, if not the same products!

At midnight on August 1, we will shut down so that we can come back to you under a completely new brand with new formulas that are more modern, innovative and packaged to an elevated and sustainable standard.

I am excited to continue developing and expanding my range of products and that you will finally be able to experience it as I always imagined it to be.

– was an excerpt from the statement.

It is not known, therefore, whether Kim closes her brand, because she plans to introduce new products and slightly change the idea of ​​the brand, or whether the matter is rather a divorce of a celebrity and rapper …

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