Kim Kardashian criticized for ‘controlling’ Pete Davidson in video

Kim Kardashian was criticized for giving Pete Davidson fashion advice

the romance of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian It’s one of the more unexpected celebrity outfits we’ve seen recently, although the two seem to be doing well, with the 28-year-old even getting new tattoos dedicated to the couple. After debuting together on the red carpet at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Davidson and Kardashian have been seen in public with increasing frequency, with their most recent appearance at the Met Gala when the mother of four made history wearing the same dress. what Marilyn Monroe wore it while singing “Happy Birthday” to the president John F. Kennedy for over half a century.

As usual, the star made sure to capture plenty of behind-the-scenes footage of the special moment, although a certain clip that surfaced online has some criticizing Kardashian for seemingly “controlling” her boyfriend. As Page Six notes, in the video, Kim can be heard telling her boyfriend to “take off your two hats,” pointing to the purple cap he put on over the navy during their tour of the “Ripley’s Believe” museum in Orlando.

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“I don’t know where to put my hat,” he said as he took off a cap. “You’ll hold it,” said the SKIMS founder, gesturing to a nearby assistant. “Just in case, because if it works and we want to use it somewhere – just if I want to post behind the scenes.” “Oh, don’t you want me to have a double cap? I appreciate it, it’s my style. Thank you,” joked the Saturday Night Live comedian.

“I’m just taking care of you,” his girlfriend replied. “No, that’s fine,” he said before handing the hat to someone else. “Thanks man. That cap has already caused a lot of problems,” joked the comedian. Viewers didn’t hesitate to criticize Kardashian for his behavior. “She is controlling. She’s not letting him be himself wearing two hats. Let him wear two hats, Kim. It’s all about her Instagram aesthetic,” one user wrote.

“In five months he will be a complete accessory to her.” “No, set passive-aggressive red flag behavior,” someone chimed in. “Instead of telling him that she doesn’t want Davidson to make her look bad, which is what Kim is implying, very selfish.”

Check out the Instagram post and YouTube video below:

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