Kim Kardashian failed her legal exam rerun. It worsened the first result!

Kim Kardashian
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When Kim Kardashian announced a few years ago that she was going to study law, hardly anyone took her seriously. Meanwhile, she actually started studying. According to foreign media, it is already halfway through the studies. But things don’t always go smoothly … Kim Kardashian failed the baby bar exam. Worse, the second try had gone even worse!

Thinking about the early career of Kim Kardashian, we would never have foreseen that she would go to law school. And yet! A few years ago, the celebrity got involved in helping the inmate Alice Johnson. She managed to negotiate a pardon for the woman with Donald Trump. Then Kim Kardashian became interested in the judiciary. In order to be able to be more active, she decided to start law studies.

Hardly anyone took her declarations to start studying seriously. And yet, a mother of four and the head of multi-million dollar companies, she got down to work. Kim Kardashian remained for two years until the end of her studies. However, her baby bar exam stood in the way …

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Kim Kardashian FAILED the law school exam. He already announces the next …

Kim Kardashian failed an important college exam again

“Take it easy, there are second terms,” ​​everyone who was in college knows this saying. However, when we fail the next approach, the nerves begin to grow. In the last episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the celebrity confessed that she failed the second attempt at the baby bar exam. It is a full-day test covering various areas of law. It includes business associations, civil procedure, community property, constitutional law, contracts, criminal law.

– I failed to! It’s really annoying.

This was Kim Kardashian speaking when she saw her results. Worse, the star fared worse than the first time.

– Total score: 463. I have almost the same. I mean a little worse …

Kim Kardashian later admitted feeling “completely overwhelmed” with the results. But she is determined to make it better next time.

Third time lucky?

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