Kim Kardashian FAILED the law school exam. It already announces another approach

Kim Kardashian
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When Kim Kardashian mentioned a few years ago that she was thinking about studying law, hardly anyone took her seriously. What was our surprise when it actually turned out that the celebrity started learning. On Instagram, she showed fans from time to time how she combines studying with being a mother and a businesswoman. Apparently, she wasn’t always doing the best. Kim Kardashian failed a very important exam!

If you had told us a few years ago that Kim Kardashian was going to study law, we probably would have burst out laughing. And this was also the reaction of the environment when the star began to mention it a few years ago. The case of Alice Johnson motivated her to start her studies. Kim Kardashian intervened with President Donald Trump to pardon a convicted woman.

Later, Kim Kardashian became interested in the US judiciary and wanted to get involved in its reform. For that, a law study would do well. The celebrity added them to her already long list of duties.

Needless to say, studying law is a hard piece of bread. Even if you are a super rich star, there is no discount! Kim Kardashian found out about it the hard way.

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Kim Kardashian learns in SUCH an outfit! Can anyone concentrate at all?

Kim Kardashian failed an important law school exam

Reconciling raising four children with running a few businesses, filming a program, and studying law sounds like an impossible task. However, Kim Kardashian has taken on this challenge.

She recently announced to fans that she is in the middle of her law studies. She only needs two years to finish. However, not everything goes downhill … During the Q&A session on Instagram, Kim Kardashian confessed that she failed an important exam:

Unfortunately I haven’t passed it yet, but I’m not giving up and preparing to take up again soon.

A star wrote.

She further revealed to fans that while studying for the bar exams, she liked to watch romantic comedies or Bridgertons. Anyone who has seen this series knows how addictive it is. Who is! Less TV – More Science!

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