Kim Kardashian has a new guy? Van Jones took Kanye West’s place!

Kim Kardashian and Van Jones
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Kim Kardashian has yet to officially divorce Kanye West, and there are many indications that she already has a new man by her side! According to the American media, the celebrity meets a famous lawyer and journalist. Who is Van Jones and is he really the one who replaced Kanye West?

Divorce Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has not yet come to fruition, but probably no one has any doubts that the marriage of a celebrity and rapper has officially gone down in history. Relationship Kim and Kanye there is no chance for rescue anymore, and the latest rumors about Kardashiance only confirm this.

Kim Kardashian he already has a new guy! He is a well-known journalist and lawyer, former associate Barack Obama!

Kim Kardashian and Van Jones are a couple?

The media overseas announce a new relationship: Kim Kardashian reportedly meets with a black lawyer and commentator known, among others from the CNN antenna. This Van Jones, a handsome 52-year-old considered a very influential publicist.

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Van Jones is really called Anthony Kapel Jones and is from Jackson, Tennessee. He is a Yale graduate and is 52 years old.

New object of sighs Kim Kardashian (as some media claim) is also a divorcee. He was married in 2005-2019. Van Jones has two children.

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