Kim Kardashian has become bald, and Tyra Banks can’t get over the heat. These celebrities have hair problems

Hair loss

Hair loss is normal, we lose 40-100 of our hair a day. However, when their quantity becomes excessive, we begin to feel anxious. Hormones, disease, or nutrient deficiencies may be the cause. Stress doesn’t help either. The problem of hair loss was encountered, among others, by She will add.

Dorotka lives at a very high level. He never spares himself and now has the effect of it. Stress and weight loss made her hair come out in handfuls. Besides, she puts on a very strong paint. Pity. She used to have such healthy hair, and now she has burned – said a person around her a few years ago in an interview with “Live”.

Nergal, DodaNergal, Doda East News

Doda got rid of her ailments. She took care of her health, also gave up dyeing and returned to her natural color. What’s more, she has been washing her hair once a week since she was a child.


Dandruff is quite a common ailment, it is said that it affects up to 50% of people. people in the world. It is caused by hormonal changes. It can appear at any point in life. Although it is a somewhat embarrassing problem, celebrities have begun to openly admit it. This group includes, for example, Tyra Banks. The model honestly admitted that:

My hair is completely covered with dandruff that ends up on my clothes – she said.

Tyra BanksTyra Banks

Various measures available on the market helped her. She had been using shampoos and conditioners for several weeks which helped. Thanks to them and their regular use, the model was able to get rid of dandruff.

Oily hair

An oily scalp is the result of excessive activity of the sebaceous glands. This ailment can make you complex. Some celebrities often appeared in the streets with greasy hair. Many of them were considered neglected, and the media commented that they did not pay attention to hygiene. Mila Jovovich, Kristen Stewart and Harry Styles are just examples. No one has ever wondered that maybe they just have a problem.


Kim Kardashian always looks perfect. And although she uses the services of the best hairdressers, they did not help her when she just started going bald. The celebrity, however, made sure that the paparazzi did not take her in such a state.

Childbirth and the rapid weight loss made Kim’s hair thin and thin. Therefore, she decided to add more extensions to increase the volume of her hairstyle. Unfortunately, it ended with the fact that instead of beautiful, long strands, he now has bald patches on his head – said the informant of the “Radar” magazine.

Her sister Kourtney did the same. It was the fact that she wore very tightly braided hairdos that made her go bald, causing her hair to fall out.

Kourtney KardashianKourtney Kardashian East News

The celebrity quickly succumbed to the therapy, which consisted of injecting blood into thinning places. In this way, their growth was accelerated.

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