Kim Kardashian has RUN to Florida. Her divorce with Kanye West is taking its toll on her

Kim Kardashian
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After many years, one of the world’s most famous marriages is falling apart in front of the eyes of the whole world. Undoubtedly, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are very much through the ongoing divorce. Cleebrytka had the opportunity to breathe a little over the weekend. The Florida trip was like a getaway for Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are going through a tough time right now. They were one of the most famous couples in the world. And since Kim is also a super popular celebrity, fans have been kept up to date on their relationship. This is easy to report when everything is going well …

Now Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are in the process of divorce. There are property issues to sort out and, of course, caring for their four children. It’s tough, even with the best lawyers backing it up.

No wonder Kim Kardashian took a trip over the weekend.

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Kim Kardashian escaped from divorce to Florida

It is widely known that Kim Kardashian loves Miami. A few years ago, she even got an apartment there from her husband. Now the star is fleeing to Florida to take a break from the divorce case …

Kim Kardashian left single for the first time in a long time. And I must admit that Victoria Beckham’s birthday is a great occasion to celebrate a new way of life.

Kim went to Miami to support her friends and needed a mental getaway. The trip was quick and easy as she wanted to come back for Kourtney’s birthday. She had a great time and saw nothing wrong with that. She’s been busier than ever lately. She works hard and is really trying to recover from this separation, so she went to the party.

A person close to the star explains.

Indeed, Kim Kardashian has a lot on his mind. In addition to divorce, it is the constant care of four children. In addition, running a business empire and studying for the bar exam.

She deserved this weekend in Miami!

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