Kim Kardashian: Her Sister Kylie Jenner Pregnant With Her 2nd Child?

On the Web, many rumors claim that Kim Kardashian’s little sister, Kylie Jenner, is pregnant with her second child!

A few years ago, Kylie Jenner had an adorable baby girl named Stormi with her darling Travis Scott. And the least we can say is that Kim Kardashian’s sister really surprised everyone.


For months and months, numerous media have claimed that Kim Kardashian’s sister is expecting her 1st child. However, Kylie Jenner never announced that she was pregnant. She disclosed the reasons later.

Shortly after the birth of her daughter, Kylie Jenner made a big announcement to her fans. Kim Kardashian’s sister has revealed that she wants to keep her pregnancy a secret and only enjoy it with those around her.

Subsequently, the pretty brunette had all the same unveiled pictures but also videos of her baby shower. She had also shared moments when she showed herself pregnant. Three years later, she may well be expecting another baby.

For some time now, rumors have claimed that Kylie Jenner is pregnant again. On social networks, several fans have spotted, according to them, clues of this alleged pregnancy.

Initially, Kim Kardashian’s sister changed her diet. While she is a big fan of sushi, she decided to stop eating it. In any case, this is what she showed on her Instagram account.

Not long ago, she shared a photo where she had a simple avocado roll instead of fish sushi. A fan then asked, “Kylie eats sushi without fish?” She is pregnant ? “. But that’s not all.


Other clues support these pregnancy rumors. At Kendall’s tequila 818 launches, Kylie Jenner displayed herself with a shot. On the other hand, fans noticed that Kim Kardashian’s sister was displayed from behind.

The young woman decided not to drink it in full view. But that’s not all. According to the eye of the fans, Kim Kardashian’s shot still appeared full a few minutes later.

A fan then revealed on his Twitter account: “Kylie did not take this shot … she is pregnant. Another clue has emerged. For several weeks now, fans have noticed that she spent all of her time with Travis Scott.

While the two lovebirds had decided to separate, they do not let go. Kylie Jenner and the rapper spend all the time together. They even participated in an event, hand in hand, with their little Stormi.

On the New York red carpet, Kim Kardashian’s sister has also shown ultra-close to the artist. They may well be waiting for a happy event. On the other hand, the main interested party will surely not speak.

It must be said that she has put in place a whole ploy to hide her 1st pregnancy. She may well do the same if she is expecting a new child. Case to follow!

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