Kim Kardashian: Her Suitors Are Checked Before Her Dates!

According to several sources, it seems that Kim Kardashian and her family are very careful with her suitors. These are tested!

For several months now, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have decided to separate. The beauty has filed for divorce. If she seems saddened by this separation, she still sees other suitors in her life.


To everyone’s surprise, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wished for a divorce. On Thursday, June 3, fans discovered the reasons for this breakup in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashian.

Over a meal, Kim Kardashian had a big argument with her whole family. Khloé Kardashian then said: ”  His private life is bad behind the cameras and it is difficult”.

Khloé Kardashian also added, “Because Kim is clearly redirecting a lot of her frustration onto us, her sadness. And his anger. And sometimes you get angry over something that has nothing to do with what you are going through through”.

Also in this episode, Chicago mom Saint, North, and Psalm explained, “I just think he deserves someone who will support his every move. And will follow him everywhere, will move to Wyoming ”.

Kim Kardashian then confessed, “I can’t do this. He should have a wife who supports his every move, travels with him. And I can’t. I feel like a fucking failure. This is my third marriage ”.

She also said: “Yeah, I feel like I’m a loser. But I can’t even think about it. I want to be happy ”. Despite her sadness, the pretty brunette is determined to continue her love life.


According to several rumors, it seems that Kim Kardashian continues to see suitors. She’s been dating since her split from Kanye West. On the other hand, men must pass tests before seeing her.

A source told InTouch Weekly, “  Kim Kardashian, her sisters, and close friends check out dating apps. And they know who is interested to get away with it.

The source also added, “The guys, mostly athletes, have reached out and Kim’s team is definitely doing their research. It is a process and there are many shady guys that should be checked.

Kim Kardashian is therefore very careful not to see just anyone. The source still revealed, “Kim says if she finds someone she really feels a connection with, she’ll go on the date. In any case, that’s what she says ”.

The source also added, “She doesn’t feel rushed to date. But she begins to project herself, very slowly though. Regarding her outings in public, she always holds back ”.

Kim Kardashian is afraid of running into the wrong person. “Her biggest fear is getting used by a guy for fame and looking dumb. She knows how this game is played. And she’s a pretty good judge of character ”.

The source also concluded, “She still has a high guard anyway. So you can imagine what she feels like letting someone near ”.

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