Kim Kardashian: “I have No time to lose”


LOS ANGELES – Kim Kardashian is ending the first year of study of law to become a lawyer. In the interview to the 20 minutes he talked about his projects and what changes in his life, even with the arrival of the 18th season of “keeping up with the Kardashians”.

It is almost surprising to see a reality star as she take courses to become a lawyer.
“The criticisms don’t affect me. I have heard so many on my account that I continue my way, leaving vent the nay-sayers. Do not study right for me advertising. I really heart the idea of helping the prisoners to defend their rights to change the prison system of the United States”.

How was born the interest to justice?
“I helped get out of prison two women, and this fact showed me how I could be useful. They are so convinced to get to the bottom that I changed my cell phone number explaining to my contacts that I wanted to dedicate all my available time to this cause. With four kids and studies I have no time to lose.”

It is no surprise even her as his choice?
“Of course, but I put all, and I have taken the time to explain to my older children (6 and 4 years) what I do before going to visit women in prison. Even if they are very young, to understand my mission. Show the children my motivation is also a way to give them the desire to have a purpose in life”.

Has to pass the examination of the attorney as her father, Robert Kardashian?
“Unfortunately my father is dead, because I would have liked to exchange ideas with him, which was a great professional. I know I would have been proud of me. I hope to pass the exam in 2022. For the moment I am following a 20-hour course a week.”

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The 18th season of “keeping up with the Kardashians” will be the last for her?
“No, the recording of the transmission only lasts for part of the year. I just also finished filming on the documentary “Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project,” just to explain my desire to help the reform of the prison system the united states.”

The documentary “Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project” will be aired in the United States since April 5, and will show the meeting between Kim and the five prisoners who think they may have been caught, their family members and lawyers. “I hope that this will help people to open their mind and their heart, and that will allow you to change certain laws,” said Kim about the documentary.



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